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The New Hyperbaric Chamber to arrive Autumn 2022

Wed, 03 Aug 2022

Media Release


Dated: 1st AUGUST 2022


Fundraising continues for the provision of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Service


Due to the charity's good fortune of receiving a large donation of £300,000.00 from manx resident Ivan Soulsbury back in April, it has been catapulted into its second phase of construction in relation to its capital project.

The charity is now in a position to order specialist equipment for the plant room together with all of the necessary industrial related utility provisions. This follows on from a recent visit to the Island by the chamber manufacturer Haux. Since our last media release in May, work has been completed at the hyperbaric facility in Peel Road on the new examination room, plant rooms, and workshop area. 

After the chamber arrives in the late Autumn, there will quickly follow an in depth program of reconstruction. This will include the provision of a state of the art control room together with the external wall and reception area. 

When the building has been completed the chamber manufacturer will be in a position to return to the island to install and commission the vessel and all its associated equipment, as set out under a “ Turn key” contract, in the Spring of 2023. 

The charity has now entered into its third phase of fundraising where donations will be required to fund the provision of all of its future services. This will include the employment of all relevant qualified staff together with the implementation of professional service contracts and budgeting to meet all necessary running costs. This finance will be needed to give certainty for the future provision of hyperbaric oxygen therapy services here on the Island. It is envisaged the charity will need to raise £300,000.00 to meet its next target. 

Hyperbaric medicine is used for emergency treatments such as decompression illness, divers suffering with “the bends”, carbon monoxide poisoning and gas and air embolisms together with certain medical conditions which respond to oxygen therapy . These include burns, crush injuries & compartment syndrome, enhanced healing of selected wounds, severe anaemia , chronic osteomyelitis, radiation tissue damage, compromised skin grafts and flaps as well as other conditions. Please see our website for details www.hbot im.

“A hyperbaric chamber by the people for the people of the Isle of Man”