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Who we are

HBOT IOM was established in March 2019 and is a registered Charity in the Isle of Man No:1274

Our Objects:

HBOT IOM is established with the charitable objective of the advancement of health and the relief of suffering by the provision operation and maintenance of a one or more hyperbaric chambers and hyperbaric oxygen facilities and matters connected thereto in the Isle of Man for the purpose of providing hyperbaric oxygen therapies and associated treatment to members of the public and advancing education as to the benefits of use of a hyperbaric medicine and therapy.

Our Goal is to raise the awareness of the benefits of hyperbaric therapy and to raise funds to keep this vital local facility in operation. We intend to ensure that the facility has a secure future, so that island residents and others in need will continue to benefit from this non-invasive form of healing.

HBOT IOM as a charity has the input of volunteers who make up our Board of Trustees. Each of these people brings a unique set of skills and is fully committed in keeping their administration costs to a minimum. This includes also where necessary the advice and services of professionals in the fields of legal and accountancy for the charity.

Trustees of HBOT IOM for 2023/4

Mr J Watterson, Mr K Kinrade, Mr J Houghton, Mrs M S Hooper, Ms D Barron


Chairman: Mr John Watterson

Vice Chairman: Mr K Kinrade

Treasurer: John Houghton

Secretary: Ms Debbie Barron


Our Staff


“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living”. – Albert Einstein

Our team consist of only two staff, who under take all tasks conducted at the facility.  

John Houghton - Operations and Facility Manager

Debbie Barron -  Administrator/Co Secretary


Chamber Operators

Diver Medical Technicians

Chamber Attendants (Volunteer Force)

Associated Doctors

Hyperbaric Medicine Physician / Medical Director


Diving Medicine Physician  x (2)