A Hyperbaric Treatment Session

e Treatment

Patients retain their own clothing. To maintain the chamber’s cleanliness outdoor shoes should be removed or covered. This of course does not apply to wheelchair users. Patients, on entering the chamber, must give assurance that they have divested themselves of all items on the prohibited item list. (See appendix 2.)

Patients are expected to confirm that they are comfortably seated and that they are conversant with the breathing apparatus.


The operator will communicate with the patients in the chamber to inform them that compression is imminent and that a rise in temperature may ensue. The chamber will be compressed slowly and smoothly and regular inquiries will be made by the operator with reminders to continually clear the ears and to ensure that no patient is in discomfort.


When the recommended treatment pressure is attained, compression is stopped and the patients will be instructed to put on their masks or hoods. During the treatment period adjustments may be needed to the chamber pressure owing to adiabatic contraction, alteration in temperature, or patient mask leakage. Patients are always informed, prior to any adjustments or alterations, and any necessary manoeuvres will be made in a smooth and controlled manner.

Patients during treatment may read or listen to the output of the available audio entertainment.


Patients will be advised when the prescribed treatment period has elapsed and that the chamber is about to be decompressed. Inexperienced patients will be warned of impending alteration in pressure and the possibility of water vapour manifesting itself as mist.


Patients should pay particular attention to balance and any pressure related disorder before leaving the facility. In the unlikely event of such a problem, the operator should be informed and medical advice will be obtained.