The Isle of Man Hyperbaric Medical facility currently has two Multiplace hyperbaric chambers, and their differing occupant capacity and patient needs ensures that they are always in use.



Hyperbaric Chamber #1 has room for up to six seated occupants, or a combination of occupants and an attendant.

Chamber #1 is pressurised with normal air, or a combination of mixed gases, and oxygen is delivered through breathing apparatus (masks or hoods).

If a patient requires intensive hyperbaric treatment, Chamber #1 may be pressurised higher than the larger chamber, and patients may stay inside the chamber for longer, on average for 90 minutes.

Hyperbaric Chamber #2 has room for up to 12 patients, depending on the level of injury of the users.

Chamber #2 is large enough to accommodate wheelchair users and other less-able-bodied users, and the ramp up to the entrance ensures easy access.

The chamber is also pressurised with air, and oxygen is delivered using masks or hoods.